Thalu: Dreamtime is Now

Thalu: Dreamtime Is Now ​is a groundbreaking, real-time virtual reality experience that transports audiences into the Dreamtime stories of the ancient Ngarluma people of North Western Australia. Participants will see the world through the eyes of Sheldon, an indigenous mine site worker, who is transported into the spirit world below. Sheldon’s guide, Jirri Jirri, shows him the spirits and custodians of the land, including the ancient faunal and floral spirits of Ngarluma country, and he learns about how these spirits and environments are connected to humankind. ​Thalu,​ which means “totem” in the Ngarluma language, refers to ancient Aboriginal ceremonial sites. These sites are currently under threat as the modern world expands and encroaches upon ancient sacred spaces.

Running time / 18 mins
Directed by / Tyson Mowarin