Burn Point: Dark tale of revenge among the canefields

The endless cane fields and waterways around Ballina provide the beautiful – and sinister – backdrop to this suspenseful drama of murder, revenge, corruption, and friendship. The setting was a big drawcard for cinematographer Kent Marcus (Don’t Love Thy Neighbour), who said the unique environment, where the coast meets farming, with “everything in between” would

Return: A Stunning Visual Piece From A Young Local Filmmaker

Return, a non-verbal short film was written, directed and produced by young Byron Bay filmmaker Jayden Morrison silently delves into the eyes of Australian surfers, backdropped by sweeping sandy coastlines and stretches of clear blue waters. In under five minutes, Morrison captures a vibrant insight into his subjects and the ingrained connection between ocean and

Seeds unearthed: a dramatic history and uncertain future   

  The filmmakers travel to Africa, India, Mexico, Hawaii, places where indigenous people have grown food for millennia. Everywhere, ancient agricultural cultures are under threat from mass farming and its tools – monocultures, pesticides, patents and genetic modification. And an aggressive corporate style that makes small farming unviable. In India, thousands of farmers have committed