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Flexi-passes are not redeemable against BBFF Gala Events – Opening Night; Closing Night, and any other special events.

2019 BBFF Flexipasses are only valid until the close of the festival – the last screenings on Sunday Oct 27th.

Choosing Your Films Has Never Been Easier

We encourage our audience to go paper-free by purchasing their tickets in advance on-line. We have a great ticketing system which includes a number of helpful features:

Your Phone is Your Ticket

Buy tickets easily on your desktop, ipad or phone and receive QR coded tickets for presentation on your phone and scanning at the door. It’s good for the environment and good for you.


Buy 6, 10 or 20 tickets at discounted prices through the links below and then redeem them, on-line or through the app, against the films you want to see, you can select 1 ticket to 4 sessions, or 4 tickets to 1 session, the choice is yours. With our passes you can buy a pass then decide which films you want to book at another time.

Be the ultimate Cinephile and indulge in endless screenings, or rally your mates and use your pass to come in as a crowd.


This feature allows you to browse the program at your leisure, ‘wishlist’ films you’d like to see, without pressure to book on the spot, you can plan your schedule, add screenings to your calendar and share it with friends.

You be the Judge

Vote for your favourite film using our app to judge the Audience Favourite Award.

Quick Overview

When you buy your tickets you add them to a shopping cart and have 20 minutes to complete the transaction before they’re released back into the system. Once you’re ready to pay you’ll either be asked to create a ticketing account, or if you’ve used the BBFF ticketing system before – even in previous years – you log back in and complete the purchase.

When you’re using a Flexi-pass to ‘pay’ for tickets to a film, you select the number of tickets you wish to book, and then enter your unique Flexi-pass code and hit the button marked ‘validate’ before selecting ‘add to cart’.

Your tickets will then be emailed to you so you can either print them out a home – or preferably, display them on your phone. If you don’t have your email account available on your phone you’ll also be able to use your phone to log into your ticketing account and bring up the ticket to show us on the door.

You can wishlist films without needing to create a ticketing account, but you can only see your wishlist using the same phone/computer and browser. If you log in before you create your wishlist you can then access that information at any time, on any computer/phone as long you’re logged into your account.

It’s a good idea to have your tickets ready for display before you arrive at our venues.

If you’re going paperless just make sure your phone has enough charge on it to get you through the door.