Short Film

Family Friendly Shorts

A love of great cinema starts early. This selection of short films and animations provide a fun and lively alternative traditional children’s entertainment. Your kids will get to meet the filmmakers, experience a Q&A as well as a live performance from Bunny Racket.


A young, deaf boy wanders alone, through a remote Australian landscape. A mysterious man pulls up in a ute, to offer him a ride. Equal parts suspense and coming-of-age, HITCH explores loss and acceptance in a silent world, where nothing is as it appears to be.


Behind the closed doors of an elite boarding school, Matthews and his friends are cruising through life - but when a weekend joyride ends in disaster, he has to deal with the guilt that consumes him.

Meeting Susan

Jen is thirty and pregnant. Visiting an unknown city with her partner Sam, Jen enters the home of an elderly widow named Susan. A seemingly ordinary house-call slowly transforms into something much deeper, as both women sense a connection that reaches beyond words.


A jaded Japanese businessman moonlights as an electric organ-player at an American-themed bar in Tokyo. In the bar’s industrial kitchen, a petite chef prepares miniature meals with great precision.


A visual journey into the spiritual heart of Terra Australis or The Great Southern Land. Outback Australia is a raw unforgiving vast wilderness that once visited will forever be calling you to return. The remoteness. The colours. The sheer expanse of the endless dessert.


Roadkill is what Australians call the dead animals you find on the side of the road. This short film is about a hitchhiker who is desperate for a lift on a lonely outback highway. The question is will she end up as roadkill herself?


Community Centre Saturday 15th - 11:15am On a day that seems no different to any other, 8-year-old Eddie begins his day the same as every other, with a big bowl of piping-hot tinned spaghetti.

St Elmo

St Elmo is a drama set in rural Australian town six months after a devastating bushfire. In the winter following the disaster, a father (Peter) and teenage son (Joshua) struggle with the loss of their wife/mother.


Wyatt Star is a down and out motorcycle rider trying to do his big comeback. A death defying jump over a football field. His past decisions will get in the way back to the take off ramp.