Burns Point

After a young woman is murdered by her jealous boyfriend, her brother Jeremy expects the family to get swift justice. But the killer’s father is a powerful and corrupt policeman who rigs the evidence to wreck the prosecution case. A jury sets the son free, but days later his broken body is found on a dark street… and Jeremy is running for his life.

City Crush

A lavish thug poaches an exotic young trophy-boy and smuggles him into City Crush. When our would be ivory concubine escapes during his own sale he must navigate the desolation, boredom, and deviant lust of the locals.


Martin is a finished actor, both professionally and personally. He’s divorced, has no friends and a son he hasn’t talked to for more than a year. But one day his agent calls with a job offer.

Crossing Bhutan

Drawn by the allure of this enigmatic kingdom, four veteran athletes attempt an unprecedented human-powered, border-to-border crossing of Bhutan, hoping to experience Bhutan's policy of "GNH" first hand.


Tom, a teenager on the brink of manhood, grapples with grief following his sister Elly’s death. As his fractured family mourns, Tom embarks upon a journey to purge himself of his guilt and understand the significance of their relationship.

Family Friendly Shorts

A love of great cinema starts early. This selection of short films and animations provide a fun and lively alternative traditional children’s entertainment. Your kids will get to meet the filmmakers, experience a Q&A as well as a live performance from Bunny Racket.