An American in Texas

Based on a true story, and set in late 1990 against the backdrop of the first gulf war, An American in Texas is the story of lifelong friends as they reach the cusp of adulthood and must decide between the hollow values of corporate careerism; or the narrow way of individualism and freedom.

City of Joy

In Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, an area waging one of the longest conflicts in history and ravaged by sexual violence - we discover The City of Joy. This ultimately uplifting film centers around Jane, a student in the first class at a center where women who have suffered unimaginable abuse come together to create a revolutionary community of leaders.


What if a psychological crisis was seen as having the potential to be a positive transformative experience, instead of a “broken brain”? Human-rights photographer Phil Borges witnessed how indigenous cultures around the world often identify “psychotic” symptoms as an indicator of shamanic potential.


In the middle of a crowded city the paths of two strangers collide. This chance occurrence initiates a night of adventure and connection that challenges their separate lives. Set in Sydney over the course of one night, Ellipsis is a portrait of the city, celebrating the distinct nature and idiosyncrasies of the people that live and work there.


Gogi is a short dance film that drives home the importance of unison and tells about isolation and longing for connection. Breathtaking Australian locations merged with the universal language of dance and a potent sound track leave you feeling stirred and motivated to dig deep and wrench from within your most creative self. It´s poetic narrative tells of 3 sisters, separated from each other and stuck in their own worlds, feeling incomplete and restless. They all decide to step out of their comfort zones in order to unite and through unison, remembering the power of their roots and origin. Gogi is a emotive expression of movement, produced by choreographer and dancer Viviane Frehner, directed and filmed by Stefan José, choreographed and danced by Alicia Harvie, Ashleigh White and Viviane Frehner

Heavy Water

Heavy Water takes a close look at Nathan Fletcher's relationship with big wave surfing, tracing his lineage back to his grand father, one of the pioneers of Oahu's North Shore, and examining the consequences that Fletcher and his friends have faced in the pursuit of their passion for big waves


In this time of need for female community and wisdom, women everywhere are rising up to empower one another. But where does Woman begin this journey? She must turn inward, tune in and listen for her Wild Woman to speak. Howl is a poetic journey of Woman returning back to her power and wildness, and finding her voice.


This hand drawn animated film is based on the poem 'Seven Billion' written by the film director that won 2 National poetry awards: The Young Australian Writer’s National Award for Poetry, selected out of a field of 30,000 and the Karen W Treanor Poetry Award (Youth).


Alone in space, an astronaut drifts through the empty void. After finding another astronaut in the same predicament, she gives him a polaroid image of the Earth. They then team up to go on an epic journey across the universe to return to their planet. Will these star-crossed lovers find home?