APRA AMCOS Music Video Award Screening

Music videos inspire collaboration, bring together creatives and provide a vital calling card for talented directors. Famous music video directors who moved on to feature films include Michel Gondry, David Fincher, Spike Jonze and Gus Van Sant.

Join some of the filmmakers and musicians behind 20 of the hottest music videos submitted to this year’s festival at a special screening at one of Byron’s iconic venues, the freshly revamped Byron Bay Brewery.

On the night, the BBFF APRA AMCOS Music Video Award will be presented to one of these videos to recognise the collaborative efforts of songwriters and directors.

The finalists include videos from SAFIA, Timber Bones, Boy & Bear, The Secret City, Wren, The Church, Life is Better Blonde, The Lúrra Collective, Airling & Hairy Soul Man.

APRA AMCOS is a not-for-profit organisation that helps music creators get paid for their work while giving organisations easy ways to legally play and copy what they like. With more than 87,000 members who are songwriters, composers and publishers, it proudly promotes the value music brings to business and life.

Running time / 2:00:00
Directed by / Many Talented Directors