ncube8 – October 2017

Come and explore with us

In 2016 we rolled out free Virtual Reality workshops across the Northern Rivers at the Lismore Regional Gallery, the Byron Community Centre and the Brunswick Picture House.

Over 100 Creatives came to learn about this immersive technology and the creative potential it, and other new technologies, holds at these workshops and in more depth at our ncube8 weekend at our 2016 Festival.

A unique opportunity to accelerate your understanding and practice in this medium at a 2 day Residential Intensive in Beautiful Bangalow.

Right now we are seeking Expressions of Interests from 3 Artists who would like to be part of our incubation process in order to generate some form of VR experience, which evolves their existing artform. This opportunity will suit all kinds of Artists, Animators and Filmmakers. Luke Bubb from Moving Peaks and BBFF/GreenhouseFX|3D|VR’s Osvaldo C Alfaro – will share their knowledge, insight and tools with our Selected Artists.

Artists from outside of the area will be hosted in Bangalow for the nights of October 10, 11 and 12.

Our festival has been introducing Filmmakers to VR since 2014, and in 2016 we included a rich program of VR sessions and workshops which encouraged audiences and Creatives to explore this new world and the possibilities it holds for story-telling.

2017 will expand to Co_Lab_Curate – our curated VR content to include more days and more groundbreaking experiences, Co_Lab_Create – our VR Thinktank for Industry Professionals will return on October 13th and 14th and ncube8 – our program which gives Creatives hands-on opportunities to learn who to create in this medium will feature a 2 day Artist Residency for 3 hand-picked Creatives in beautiful Bangalow.


Read about our 2016 ncube8 Program below:

October 22nd & 23rd 2016

Saturday 22nd 10am to 4pm | Sunday 23rd 11am to 4pm

Traditionally Filmmaking has been at the cutting edge of innovation and exhibition whilst being a true collective endeavour, encapsulating a variety of creative skills. 2016 marks a groundbreaking year for the Byron Bay International Film Festival being its 10th anniversary and BBFF seeks to activate discussion, investigation, incorporation and celebration of a fast emerging new form of storytelling – Virtual and Augmented Reality.

This weekend gives the creative and the curious the opportunity to engage with and explore in Virtual Reality. Ncube8 provides filmmakers, creative practitioners and the general public the opportunity to engage with VR applications and hardware and to learn about other new enabling tools in order to explore the potential of this new medium.

Ncube8 will introduce audiences and filmmakers to new frontiers of the storytelling and the artistic expression of tomorrow. We believe casting an experienced eye at creative opportunities of the future is just as important as acknowledging the filmmaking craft of the present and past.

Workshops & Panels
Shooting in Cinematic VR – Saturday 22nd at 11am
GoPro’s Media Guru Jordan Miller, a 360 pioneer, will run a workshop for  filmmakers looking to understand or transition into working in immersive 360 VR. How does VR change the directorial process? Where do you put the camera? How do you stay out of shot? In answering these questions, you will find new and innovative shooting and storytelling practices.

360 Storytelling – Sunday 23rd at 12pm
Oden Roberts, international filmmaker and producer, joins us from Los Angeles to discuss the growing narrative medium of VR. As a front-runner of VR technology he opens the conservation to pushing the limits of VR in regards to storytelling and the future of film production. He hopes to engage filmmakers in VR with its unique approach to narrative film.

Intelligent Design – the Flashpoint of Inspiration – Sunday 23rd at 1pm
Conceptual art curtails time and cost blowouts later down the production timeline. It’s a cost-effective craft which filmmakers should be considering essential. This workshop will dive into creative processes which benefit filmmakers and anyone with a creative project.

Blurring the Lines Between Virtual and Reality Saturday 22nd at 12pm
In today’s rapidly advancing world we’re discovering new ways of interacting with the land of the digital. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will, combined, be a $150 billion industry by 2020, so clearly exploration will reach many aspects of our lives. Could they possibly benefit our education, our research, our films, and even our existence?
Hosted by Dr Jordan Nguyen
A decade ago Jordan Nguyen (ABC’s Becoming Superhuman) almost broke his neck in a diving accident. It changed the course of his life, leading him into a profession of making positive change for people with disability. He continues to create futuristic technologies and has ranked in the top 100 global influencers on Virtual Reality.

Ncube8 Artists
In the lead-up to this event BBFF  worked with local artists from more traditional creative media and giving them access to VR tools in order to create new pieces in VR.

The artists included: Mullumbimby’s Jack Packshaw, Main Arm Musician Danidoo Butterfly and Byron Bay’s Jess Lee Foote. Some of these pieces are available to attendees to experience and some of the work created in 2016 and 2017 also be available online after the 2017 festival.

Using the latest VR tech, Ncube8 will allow festival attendees to experience some of the most innovative interactive virtual reality software demos available. Whether you are going on a spacewalk, painting with light or making music in a virtual studio you’ll be transported somewhere worlds away while never leaving the room.

Just as BBFF brings you film premieres, we have a number of Virtual Reality experiences which are not yet for public release and which have never been to these shores before. We’ll make some of these experiences available throughout the festival in the lobby of the Community Centre and others will be exclusive to the ncube8 weekend or will need to be booked in advance.

Experiences include:
Songlines 360° 

Float amongst the endless expanse of The Pleiades, behold the majestic scar trees, marvel at the Western Kimberly and the Wandjina as Rhoda Roberts AO, Head of Indigenous Programming at Sydney Opera and Festival Director of the unmissable local Boomerang Festival, guides you through ‘Songlines’.

I, Philip

I, Philip is the first immersive short fiction piece to be developed in France. Shot in stereoscopic 3D you are taken inside the digital mind of one of the greatest writers of science-fiction of the 20th century – Philip K. Dick. Dick’s conspiracy and paranoia-driven stories inspired Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report. His visionary imagination laid ground for our digitally-obsessed society. During the course of his life, he finally accepted that reality was nothing but a perfect illusion fooling his senses. What if his peers were robots? What if he was living in an alternate reality?


Home: A VR Spacewalk is a collaboration between the BBC and UK VR content specialists Rewind. It is a fully interactive, realtime rendered simulation of a spacewalk, where you are the astronaut that’s sent out to inspect damage to the ISS. You will get to feel what it’s like to be an astronaut floating 250 miles above earth with stunning and vast views of the spaceship, the space station and the universe.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts’ Festivals Australia program

J’aimee Skippon-Volke

Festival Director

Osvaldo C Alfaro

Technical Director

Ben Richards

Director of Creative Development & Innovation

Jordan Miller

Creative Director – GoPro

Oden Roberts

CinematicVR Specialist

Dr Jordan Nguyen

Futurist, Biomedical Engineer and Inventor