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Virtual and Augmented Reality

In 2016, BBFF celebrated its 10th birthday, and marked the occasion by holding our biggest festival yet. BBFF has been sharing VR experiences with our Filmmakers since 2014 and a new feature in the mix was opening up our demonstrations of virtual and augmented reality technology to the general public. As well as new award categories based around VR, the festival also conducted workshops and demonstrations for filmmakers, artists and attendees on this new medium.

Details of the experiences we shared are at www.bbff.com.au/ncube8




Here’s what our festival directors have to say about the new initiative:

This new facet to our festival really excites me as I’ve been passionate about immersive user experiences including Virtual Reality (VR) for decades. We are proud to announce two new categories and thus awards for BBFF2016 – The first will be the inaugural Best Achievement in a Virtual Reality Experience which would be suited to filmmakers engaging in the relatively new 360 degree film capture techniques made possible by the newer panoramic camera rigs that house an array of cameras such as GoPro’s. And the second will be the Best Achievement in an Interactive Virtual Experience more suited to worlds and experiences created within a Game Engine.

– Festival Technical Director Osvaldo Alfaro. 

Technology continues to break the boundaries between reality and imagination and offers us new forms of entertainment which are more immersive, where you truly are transported to other realms. While our event remains focused on creating a shared screen experience for our audience we’re keen to explore the possibilities that Digital Immersion creates as this new technology evolves.

– Festival Director J’aimee Skippon-Volke

Contact BBFF’s Technical Director to explore the possibility of consideration for our Virtual Reality categories. formats@bbff.com.au