Sunday: will they, won’t they?

Dustin Clare is a North Coast native and rising star whose prodigious talents are on display in the dramatic feature Sunday. He co-wrote and co-produced the film and also acts in it opposite his real-life partner Camille Keenan. Clare plays the central figure, Charlie, a macho ex-army guy who still feels the pull of the

Postman Pete finds love

Queenslander Warwick Young’s unlikely hero is a shy taxidermist, in this droll black comedy about devotion and compromise in the name of love. Forty-something Peter lives with his mum, and reads her poetry at night – when he’s not stuffing animals in his bedroom. Pete’s a postie and so painfully shy that the love-struck pharmacist

behind the scenes of "Out of Nothing"

Speed spectacular

A compelling study of men, machines and the need for speed under the vast open skies of the American southwest. The four protagonists of this documentary are obsessed with motorcycles, and so is the camera, which lingers lovingly over their extraordinary bikes –in many ways the real stars of the film. Brothers Mark and Carl Bjorklund